INSWAN INS-1 Tiny 8MP (4K 4:3) USB Document Camera with Auto-Focus and LED Supplemental Light, Excellent for Distance Education and Web Conferencing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

INS-1 document camera is plug-and-play and come with USB 2.0 cable, assembly-free, and easy to use. Its compact but stable base design frees up desktop space. INS-1 is an really excellent document camera for teachers, students, and presenters.

...Simply connect the INSWAN document camera to your computer or laptop via USB cable. Then, connect the INSWAN document camera to the projector or large monitor via VGA or HDMI cable.

Yes! INS-1 document camera is ideal for in-class teaching, remote teaching, work from home and web conferencing. Use your INS-1 to enhance the engagement and professionalism of your presentations.

The INS-1 document camera works seamlessly with most popular webinar and live streaming applications, such as Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, GoToMeeting, Insig, Facebook Live, and many others.

You can use all the INS-1 document camera main functions without Documate, but Documate provides extra functions including image rotation and annotation, digital zoom, hue adjust, video recording, snapshot and simple scan.

Some webinar app mirrors images at host-end and drop image resolution by default.

Solve this by:

1. Plug in INS-1 document camera.

2. Open Documate (The live image will appear).

3. Open the Webinar app and share the screen to let the audience see the screen of Documate.

INSWAN document camera supports three operating systems:
  • PC/Laptop: Windows 7/8/10/11
  • Mac/Macbook: Mac 10.12 or higher
  • Chromebook: Chrome 38.0 or higher

INS-1 supports iPad but limited to FaceTime on iOS 17 or newer version. Our Documate software is under development for iPadOS, enhancing features. Please note:USB-C to USB-A adapter required for connection.