INSWAN INS-1 Tiny 8MP (4K 4:3) USB Document Camera with Auto-Focus and LED Supplemental Light, Excellent for Distance Education and Web Conferencing.


Ryno Re-Reviews - InSwan INS-1 (( ONE YEAR LATER ))
Ryno Reviews Stuff Ryno Reviews Stuff
INS-1 using experience

Seño Lidia
An Excellent Helper for Teaching in Class

Why a Document Camera is a MUST Have?

Eliane Saliba
Enhance Your Classroom Lectures with INS-1

Lauren Newnham
Use INS-1 for classroom teaching!

Juan Carlos Ruiz Arroyo
Outstanding tech tool for my online class ─ INS-1

F. Javier Gaviño Lora
Use my INS-1 with an interactive board!

Erika Quach
Tiny and Sturdy Design

Inmaculada Rojas Perez